8 things you must consider before finalizing a PG

8 things you must consider before finalizing a PG

Shifting to a new city, exploring places to stay, looking for a familiar and safe neighborhood, and managing your studies or job is not an easy task. Especially when you are alone in a new city and do not have hands helping to ease your job, you need to be a good planner. You must consider some points before finalizing a PG in sector 14 gurgaon

Location: Location of the PG should be very close to your institute or office. It must be within a kilometer radius. Else, it would be tough for you to commute daily. If the city is unknown, you should look for a PG close to your institute or office. Moreover, the locality must have abundant hospitals, shopping malls, parks, gyms, and restaurants. These are basic facilities that you need to have in close vicinity. 

Furnished or unfurnished? If you are shifting somewhere in your hometown, choosing a fully furnished or semi-furnished PG is always a better option. If you choose a non-furnished PG, the rent will be visibly lower. But you may need to spend a lot more money to rent furniture and utensils. You may have saved a lot of money initially, but if you calculate, you would have spent a lot more renting those pieces. Only if you are shifting somewhere else in your hometown can you get your furniture delivered to your best PG in Sector 14 gurgaon

The room: You need to check the condition of the rooms properly. Are they properly ventilated? Does the owner keep the common areas clean? Are the roof and stairs in good condition? You need to check the wall paints, toilet cistern, and ceilings properly. You also need to check the age of the property first. 

Cleaned washroom: Most of us always miss the most valid point. The toilets should be cleaned properly. You must ask after how many days the toilets are cleaned. When choosing a PG, the owner is supposed to get the toilets cleaned. The toilet also needs to have proper ventilation; else it would be tough for you to live in that room. The water must not seep into your room. You must visit the place personally to check these small details. 

Friendly flatmates: If you share the room with someone else, try to talk to them before finalizing the room. If the person works late at night or studies through the night, you cannot sleep peacefully. When you live alone, away from your home, you will need emotional support from these people. So, choosing friendly flatmates would be the foremost thing for you. 

Deadline of entering: The biggest problem with individuals living in a boys PG in Sector 14 gurgaon is the time deadline. You are supposed to enter the premises within the stipulated time and not be late. If you have night shifts at the office, you need someone to open the gates for you when you reach home at night. Ask the owner to provide you with keys; else you need someone to wait for you every night. Make sure you do not make unwanted noise to disturb others’ sleep. 

Food: When you rent a PG, that means the food comes clubbed with the rent. But if you have any food restrictions, you can tell them beforehand. The PG owner may not cook non-veg meals as most inmates are vegetarian. If you need non-veg food, you can ask for separate cooking facilities, or you can bring your non-veg dishes from restaurants and eat in your room. 

Guest policy and security: Many girls PG in sector 14 gurgaon do not allow guests of another gender to enter the premises due to security reasons. Even if your family members come to visit you, they may need to stay in a hotel. If you consider PG security, the policy is very good. But you need to know the rules beforehand to avoid any last-moment misunderstandings. 

Conclusion: Consider these points, and you can stay safe in a new city, away from your hometown and family. 

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