Why you should choose a PG over Flat in Gurgaon

Why you should choose a PG over Flat in Gurgaon

When you live with your family in a city, a flat is the best option because it provides you with the right amount of privacy you need. But when you are living alone and need to do a lot of chores alone, a PG or coliving space would be the best option for you. 

The benefits of choosing a girls PG in gurgaon over a flat: 

If you are shifting to a new city where everyone and every corner is unknown, renting a single room PG in gurgaon would be a lifesaver for you. Here are some reasons that will help you realize how important it is to rent a PG. 

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Low rent: A PG in gurgaon is economical as it is designed for students and working personnel only. You can share your room with other tenants and colleagues, which will make the whole thing economical for all of you. Your rent will also include food, laundry, electricity bill, etc. Whereas, if you have rented a flat, you would have received the room only. You needed to pay separately for food, electricity, and laundry. 

Safety: Even in the big cities, flats are not safe anymore. Security issues are everywhere, and you cannot stay safe when you are living alone in an unknown city. Unless you have a flatmate, it is tough for you to survive alone. But in a PG, you will find a lot of others around you. When you live with a bunch of other people, you are quite safe. In most cases, the PG owner also lives in the same building. Most boys PG in gurgaon owners allow tenants to live in a part of their residence. So, you are living with the locals, who will help you when you need them. Even if you fall sick in the middle of the night, you have someone to rush you to the hospital. 

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Facilities: A student or working professional’s biggest problem is cooking his meal after a hectic day. If you live in a PG, you do not need to worry about food, as the owner will take care of your food. Your rent includes daily meals, and you do not need to cook. You do not need to clean the room, as the PG owner will take care of the cleaning of your room, toilets, etc. Don’t worry about the laundry as well. You just need to keep your unwashed clothes in the said place, and you will find them cleaned and dried. Many PGs offer Wifi for their tenants. So, if you are a student or a working professional, do not have to worry about paying extra money for Wifi. 

Lively atmosphere: When you live with other people, you will be able to enjoy yourself after a hectic day. When you are in a new city, away from your home, you may feel alone and depressed. If you live in a PG with others, you can spend your leisure time with them. You can make new friends, socialize, make short trips, celebrate birthdays, and not stress thinking about your family back in your hometown. 

Homely food: When we live in a flat, after a hectic day, we do not feel like cooking food for ourselves. Most people will order food from outside. Eating restaurant dishes on most days will take a toll on our health. But if we live in a PG, the owner will make sure that you eat home-cooked meals. Some PG owners also cook different local meals helping you explore new dishes and cuisines. 

Conclusion: These are the benefits of choosing the best PG in gurgaon. If you are low on budget, you need to search more to find suitable accommodations. PGs are always better when you live alone without your family. 

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