Get The Exclusive Fully Furnished PG in Gurgaon.

Get The Exclusive Fully Furnished PG in Gurgaon.

Are you tired of searching for an affordable yet vibe living area in the posh area in Gurgaon? Well, it looks like Osmstays is the best place for you to find the best PG with food in Gurgaon that is well-equipped with all the essential facilities. We at Osmstays help working professionals and students, and couples to find the most affordable girls’ pg in Gurgaon equipped with modern facilities. At osmostays, we make sure to offer the fully furnished pg in Gurgaon at affordable prices.

Gurgaon is home to several working professionals and students who come here from various parts of the country. It has led to a rise in the demand for PG accommodations in Gurgaon as most of them want to stay in such accommodations as opposed to renting a flat.

PG means paying guests, and many pg accommodations have come up in several places in Gurgaon because of high demand. If you are searching for the best PG in Delhi, then the details shared here will come in handy.

Paying guests rent a complete house or a single room pg in Gurgaon, depending on the budget. Paying Guests are either working class, men, women, girls, or even boys. There is also a unisex pg in Gurgaon available. Also, offering accommodation, a pg will avail services such as kitchen utensils and electronic items. It is a place where you will get different families. Young adults and students who relocate to pursue a career or find a home to study often find it difficult to find a good place to stay. Gurgaon is a huge city.

Being a student, staying in luxury PG in Gurgaon is a lifetime experience in itself. Thousands of students from across the nation come every year to get admission to the top colleges in Gurgaon.

Students coming from outside Gurgaon face many issues in finding the best place for the lodge. You may find both organized and local PGs near the colleges, but the question is whether you choose to go for hassle-free options.

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Things to check before renting PG in Gurgaon

Facilities and amenities available at PG


Luxury PG in Gurgaon is completely furnished. These houses are best for individuals and students staying away from home as they don’t have to think about purchasing new furniture for their stay.

Electronic Appliances: 

Refrigerators, TV, AC, mixer grinder, televisions, and washing machines are common-use appliances that are available in the PG for boys in Gurgaon. If you are charged separately before moving in, you will check with the owner. 

Mess facility: 

Not all unisex PGs in Gurgaon offer daily tiffin or food services for their tenants, as many individuals who stay in a paying guest facility are living alone or have a busy schedule; these services assist them in settling in the new city.


Housekeeping and domestic help might be charged separately and might not be available in all PG accommodations. It is suggested that you inquire about these amenities before your shit in PG.

Things to check before shifting to a paying guest/flat/ hostel

The Unisex PG in Gurgaon is the best accommodation type for college students and individuals starting their careers in the new city; PG accommodation is a pocket-friendly living amenity that assists students and young professionals with their lifestyle in a new place on a tight budget and adjusting their busy schedules. Also, there are a few things that you must consider before going as a PG. Check the duration and documentation of your stay.

You can inquire about guidelines, if any:

  • Rent and other charges, if any
  • Availability of mess, kitchen, or tiffin amenities and fees for the same
  • Types of accommodation-sharing or single
  • Pet guidelines, if you have a pet
  • Related to vital services such as WiFi connection, electricity, water supply, cable connection

Have the exclusive experience at the luxury PG in Gurgaon

best luxury PG in Gurgaon

Our luxury PG in Gurgaon signifies friendliness and warmth, style, simplicity, affordability, and convenience. Our Osmstays has an exemplary showcase of elegance in the ambiance, distinguished by the modern facilities and advanced technology. We are the best choice for travelers and leisure for the flawless blend of luxury. We offer you a comfortable experience beyond expectations.

At Osmstays, we realized that it was vital to go beyond basics and build a platform that would do much more than resolve the immediate issues of peripherals and space. With communication and globalization, we are aware that society is becoming disparate. No city is a stranger; no individual must feel discriminated against.

  The philosophy behind the Osmstays grew to build an inclusive staying atmosphere where youth have choices but also need to take ownership. Tenants will have ample options so that they will prefer as per their personal preferences and budget.

The burden on owners will get reduced to do background checks, search for responsible tenants and chase after tenants to pay their dues. Also, we believe that Osmstays as a platform will grow in several other directions, with housing as the main focus.  

Bachelors and single women are unreliable. Migrants from other places are seen with suspicion as they look like foreigners in a new city. Also, several newcomers did not have the know-how to get around as they lacked access to local insights in a new place.

Osmstays concluded that individuals leaving houses relocate to another place as needed more than a home. They require a place they will call a community or home where they will be accepted and a platform that helps connect to different other access points.


At Osmstays, we wish to make finding houses simple and accessible. We wish to make living simple by offering furnished houses and additional services so that youth will devote their time to their aspirations.


We wish to address the problems of young migrants who are discriminated against for different reasons. We at Osmstays bridge the gap between old people and youth and find common ground and make the relations mutually beneficial.


Osmstays wish to make housing affordable and deliver to individual requirements that differ depending on personality. We wish to eliminate the middle-man, the broker, who becomes a decider of where you may stay rather than deliver to your taste.

Documents Needed for Renting a PG Accommodation

Many PG owners in Gurgaon need you to share your identity proof while you rent an accommodation where you prefer to choose a room or a bed. You have to provide a copy of your Aadhaar card, voter ID, driving license, and PAN card as proof.

 Few of them might need police verification. You also have to make a security deposit. It also equals the rent amount for a month or even two. You might even inquire about the needed documents and other formalities at the time to complete the deal to eliminate any type of hassle.

You might even expect basic furniture that includes a study table, chair, and bed in a PG room. The best PG girls in Gurgaon offer meals and ensure the security and safety of the occupants. Also, the best ones in the city provide a lot more. They are well-equipped with AC, high-speed WiFi connections, and blowers and also provide laundry and housekeeping services.

There are many PG accommodations available in Gurgaon to match various budgets. The rent differs based on the area you choose and the amenities being offered at the PG. You might even prefer a complete room and a bed based on your preference. Besides, you have to give a security deposit that is refunded at the time of leaving the accommodation. Basic paperwork, such as ID proof, is needed to complete the deal in most scenarios.

Why choose Osmstays for Unisex PG in Gurgaon?

Osmstays is a promising brand with a unified and unbiased platform, having the best amenities and spaces for your unisex PG in Gurgaon. Our tech-enabled platform helps people to search for the best girls PG in Gurgaon to save time.

At Osmstays, we provide a well-equipped fitness room, a community kitchen, spacious rooms, a swimming pool, terrace lounges, stunning balconies, and common movie halls.

The monthly rent of Osmstays includes all the modern-day facilities such as ample parking area, fast-speed internet connectivity, comfortable furniture, air conditioner, superb housekeeping service, DTH, 100 percent power backup, washing machines, healthy food, Netflix subscription, induction, high-level security, refrigerator, water heater and much more.

Osmstays will aid you to the best of our capability to get the right community for you. Also, we have collaborated with industry partners to make sure hassle-free bookings, flexible leases, flexible contracts, smooth operations, free expert advice, 100 percent free client service, countless networking opportunities, and many more.

You can visit our site and drop your doubts related to your stay. Please note that we don’t charge a single penny to answer your queries. And don’t forget to keep supporting yourself. 

 We offer the following services at Osmstays:

Recreation space

Chilling is as vital as studying. Play all types of socializing games and get reading in from a particular library of books at the recreation places across our hostels.

Home-style meals

They say there is no replacement for Ghar Ka Khaan! While it is true to some extent, our creative team does its best to offer residents the next best thing.

TV lounge

The only rule for watching TV at our boy’s pg in Gurgaon is to grab the remote first. From bonding over a film to catching the current news in sports, here is where communities are formed.

Well-Equipped Gym

For those who think fitness comes first, Osmstays offer a completely stocked gym. You don’t have to check out anywhere else or pay for additional expenses for your daily workout.

Maintenance services

The team of Osmstays is reachable and responsive. They ensure that the tenants do not have any issues, so plumber service is available quickly.

24-Hour CCTV Surveillance

Safety is a huge thing, especially in today’s era. Osmstays has 24-hour CCTV surveillance for complete security. They are installed in each and every corner of Osmstays.

High-speed WiFi

We do hate when we are working on a necessary assignment, and the net stops working. Osmstays offers high-speed WiFi up to 1 Gbps to all tenants.

Premium Laundry with Ironing 

Are you worried about your clothes that need to be washed? Don’t worry at all! Osmstays offers the best laundry service with folding or ironing.

Personal parking space

Parking is a major concern, especially in a city like Gurgaon. At Osmstays, personal parking for the residents is also available.

Power Back Up with AC 24*7

To ensure that the cut down in power will not bother you, Osmstays is well-equipped with 24-hour power backup with ac.

Daily Housekeeping

Unlike other PGs, the housekeeping team of Osmstays cleans the room and ensures to maintain hygiene and cleanliness all the time.

Guest Room For Parents

You don’t have to be concerned about where your parents might stay when they visit you. Osmstays is like your second home. Your parents will enjoy their stay in guest rooms.

Co-operative management

The team of Osmstays strives to make sure that you get the best home comfort. The team is here to assist you anytime at Osmstays.

Leisurely Kitchen Service

Preparing dishes from South and North India, the in-house kitchen of Osmstays serves the meal four times. For all your midnight cravings, the kitchen is available for 24 hours.

Room with the best opulence

Besides attending college, students spend time in their rooms. Also, the rooms of Osmstays are luxurious with attached bathrooms. Everything is handpicked.

All utility bills

Osmstays aims to offer you a pleasant and best experience with comfort. So, all the prices are inclusive and come with your suitcases and rest assured.

Face recognition entry and exit

Safety is a huge issue for girls. But, once you choose Osmstays, your best girls’ pg in Gurgaon, we offer a Retina Biometric entry for complete safety and security so that no one will enter without permission.

Security Guards 24 hours

Boys for PG in Gurgaon provides constant physical surveillance for complete security. Osmstays has 24 hours of well-trained and committed security guards. Your safety is our priority.


Q. What is the rule of PG?

Paying Guest in Gurgaon is meant only for the use of bonafide residents of that specific room. Visitors are not allowed to enter any space. They have to wait in a commonplace.

Q.Why is PG better than a hostel?

PG is the best option if you wish for less disturbance and more privacy. It is best to go for a hostel if you are on a budget and don’t mind staying with roommates. If you wish for a private bedroom or fewer roommates, then it is better than a hostel. PG also provides amenities such as DTH and WiFi.

Q. Can boys and girls stay together in PG?

In an Osmstays PG, you may share a room or have a single bed with two sharing rooms, four sharing or even three sharing in PG for girls, boys, gents, or ladies.

Q. How is Osmstays different from other girls pg in Gurgaon

You may find several hostels in Gurgaon that claim the best boys and girls or unisex PGs in Gurgaon; they also claim to be the luxury PG in Gurgaon. But what separates Osmstays is that we don’t even claim to be PG. We believe Osmstays is your second home.

Q. How Safe Are Ladies PG Near Me?

We say that Osmstays is the best pg in Gurgaon for females. We take care of all the daily activities and offer high-tech safety; Osmstays gets those parents’ approval.

Q. Shall I Opt for a Shared or Single Room PG in Gurgaon?

Only you will tell which occupancy in a PG in Gurgaon- single, double, or four-sharing is good for you. As we don’t have this answer, we offer all types of occupancies. All your needs are met at Osmstays. 

Q.What amenities are usually provided by PG in Gurgaon.

It comes with a range of things that include but are not limited to TV, AC, Safety features, WiFi, Fridge, Gym, and games.

Q.What are the best options for PG in Gurgaon for students

There are many PGs in Gurgaon for students. But, if you are searching for well-managed and branded accommodation amenities, then you should check out Osmstays for girls or boys pg in Gurgaon, which is made especially for students. It has all the essential amenities which students need, such as a warden, periodicals, delicious home-cooked meals, security systems, books, and a space for recreational activities.

Q. Who is paying guests, and how does it work in Gurgaon?

PG is a person who rents a bed or room and pays for it along with services such as electricity, WiFi, water and food. Depending on your location and necessities, you may check for PG in Gurgaon online.

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