PG vs. Hostel- What is Better?

PG vs. Hostel- What is Better?

When choosing accommodation in a new city, things can be quite tough, especially when you have to decide between PG and a hostel. After all, you will have to find a place that can provide you with the adequate comfort, amenities, and security you require for a better stay. No doubt there are major benefits to choosing a PG in Gurgaon over a hostel. After all, you will have the freedom and the comfort you desire.

But if you are unsure, the guide here will provide clear insights.

Understanding the difference

PG is a step ahead of the hostels. In fact, it is like and rented apartment. You will be able to get a PG that will offer you adequate space for living and basic amenities, including Wi-Fi or AC. If you are lucky, you can also find good meal options when you choose to stay in a luxury PG in Gurgaon. No doubt this will be quite affordable if you decide to live in a single room PG in Gurgaon or triple sharing options. They will come with multiple facilities and will have a home-like atmosphere.

The PGs are owned by the family. So you will not get homesick. The students shifting to a new place for studies or the people with new jobs can easily stay in a good PG to get a new experience while ensuring that accommodation is within budget.

In contrast, when it comes to the hostel facility, then it is probably the best part of your college. At least, this is what you might have thought of by seeing all the Bollywood movies. But remember, everything is not like the movies. The hostels have got their own share of cons. No doubt they will be a cost-effective option for accommodation, especially when you do not wish to empty your wallet on utilities or rent. However, there won’t be any sense of community. Most hostels generally have a mess facility but the food quality there is not at all good. So you will end up ordering food from outside.

You will not have any privacy, and all the noise will make it hard for you to focus on your studies. The worst part is the unhygienic environment you will get when you are sharing the room with boys. So when it comes to the decision, it will be helpful to consider your specific requirements and budget before making the right decision. But if you wish to get a comfortable stay, then choosing boys PG in Gurgaon will be the best. It will not only be a furnished room but will also provide you home like meals and better amenities for proper security.


If you wish to start the search for luxury PG in Gurgaon for females or males, it will be helpful that you are clear about your budget and needs in advance. This will help make the decision-making process easy. While if you wish to avoid complications and get the best deal for your stay, then you can consider connecting with OSMSTAYS. They have got multiple options available for students and working people. They will ensure to provide you with a great stay option with proper security and utilities. You can rely on them to have a home-like environment and good meals, all at an affordable rate.

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